Sunday, March 5, 2017

Where Did I Go?

Wow.  It's been FOUR YEARS since I last posted on my blog.  FOUR YEARS!  Life happened, and just before our move to Texas, we found out that Uncle Sam wanted us to move to Baton Rouge, LA, where we spent the next two years.  The HEAT was NOT conducive to knitting.  I found many other projects to do, such as building things with wood, crocheting Dr. Who,  and sewing puppets.  After two years, we FINALLY made it to San Antonio, TX, where we have lived for the last 1 1/2 years.  For the past year and a half, I have been remodeling our home here.  We decided to buy a fixer-upper so my husband would have a good commute to work.  We haven't had a master bathroom since day one--which was my first demolition job, after tearing up almost 1200 square feet of tile.  It was the most painful (and dusty) job I have ever done.  My hands were swollen for over two months--not good for knitting.  We have a working shower in our master bathroom, but nothing else.  We took a few breaks in-between to become foster parents.  We have had two foster kids, who have both returned to their families, or to another foster home, ready to be adopted.  We are taking a break from fostering to finish our house, and also to try and help our son get his driver's license (he's almost 17).

I wanted to post pictures of the puppets I made a couple years ago.  When I was a little girl my mom's friend Bonnie made a puppet for her similar to these ones, and I always loved playing with it.  We named it Einnob (Bonnie spelled backwards--pronounced "EE-Nob").  I found a pattern a few years ago and I made almost 40 puppets before Christmas 2014.  I gave one to my nieces and nephews under the age of 12, sold a few, and donated the rest to a battered women's shelter.  They have made great gifts for my son's elementary teachers, and all the kids in his class wanted one.  I have also made them as birthday gifts and also gave one to each of our foster kids. I love my little family of Einnobs.

This is the one I made for my youngest son.  He wanted it pretty simple.  He was on a huge Dr. Who kick at the time and named his puppet "Dalek"

The red one I made for my daughter (She named it Reds) and the other one was made for her best friend.  They posed their puppets together and took a picture.

My son wanted to give one to his teacher.  He chose the eyes and nose.

This one was my favorite.  My son's best friend wanted one, and we let him choose the fur.  I also let him choose the eyes and nose.  Sadly, the store where I bought this fur went out of business.  They had a wonderful selection of faux furs.  

My daughter loves her puppet (and her fedora)

My daughter had to take her puppet to the Nutcracker.